Jumbo VA Loan

VA Loans have no true cost limit, but a standard VA Loan has a limit of $424,100 on most areas of the country. VA Loans that exceed the standard county limits are called Jumbo VA Loan.

Depending on the area of the country you are purchasing, you may not need a Jumbo VA Loan. For example a buyer in LA California can get approved for a standard VA Loan for home up to $636,150. If you are above the standard limit for a VA Loan and want to get a Jumbo Loan you still need to check for the limits of your area.

For Jumbo VA Loans, a down payment of 25% is required of the loan amount exceeding the county standard limit. For example a loan of $550,000 is $126,000 above the 424,000 county limit. So you would have to pay 25% of $126,000 as down payment. Since this down payment is only based on a fraction of the total loan, it is much lower than the required down payment for a conventional jumbo loan. Jumbo VA Loan rates are competitive to regular jumbo loans, since it is backed by the VA, the risk is lower for the lender, which causes the rate to also be lower.

Normally, borrowers will see harder credit requirements for a Jumbo VA Loan in comparison to standard VA Loan. Talk with one of our specialist to find out about the guidelines and see if you qualify!

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  Jumbo VA Loan