1.  VA loan is a 100% financing.

2.  No money down loan that is backed by the VA with a guarantee.

3.  The Veteran can get a 4% contribution from the seller towards closing

cost and prepaid items PLUS all customary seller cost

4.  The Veteran can close without bringing any money to closing

5.  A Military friendly Realtor with experience should know more about

maximizing the Veteran¹s benefit

6.  VA Appraisers establish an appraisal of the contracted property to

help make sure the Veteran doesn¹t pay too much.

7.  There is no Mortgage insurance on VA loans ­ There is no Monthly

Mortgage Insurance

8.  Disabled Veterans pay no funding fee ­ Disabled Veterans are Exempt

from the VA Funding Fee

9.   VA loans have a low default rate

10.  VA loans can get approved with 600, 620, and 640 middle scores

however the higher the credit score the better.

11.  VA loans typically have a lower rate than conventional loans

12.  VA loans typically have a lower monthly payment than conventional or

FHA loans

13.  VA Home Loans are hard! Not when dealing with an experienced

mortgage company who specializes in the VA home loan process.

14.  The VA issues a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for former and

active members of the military who qualify.

15.  Can I use my VA disability income to qualify for a VA home loan?

Yes, and now the VA has made it easier to document by placing your

disability income on your COE.

16.  If a house is flipped the Vet buyer has to wait  31 days in order to

buy the house.

17.  VA loans require a termite inspection

18.  VA loans are assumable by other Veterans that qualify

19.  The VA loan was under utilized when it was easier before the housing

recession for people to get a 100% loan conventionally

20.  Conventional and FHA loans require a down payment unlike the VA loan.

21.  Conventional loans offer less of a seller contribution by 1%

22.  Veterans don¹t have to be active duty to obtain a COE

23.  Honorable discharge is required.

24.  The Veterans Administration doesn¹t do VA home loans

25.  Our VA Loan specialized are highly trained and experienced with VA

loans unlike walking into a regular Bank.

26.  SAM can do your VA loan and SAR can help you on the real estate side

and that helps to expedite the VA loan process.

27.  The VA loan is a great benefit to Veterans.

28.  A Veteran with a 600 middle credit score needs compensating factors

such has assets, alternative credit lines and/or a low debt to income


29.  VA loans can be done at 100% financing up to 420K.

30.  A VA loan can go over 420K and qualify for 100% financing based on

country loan limits.

31. Reestablished credit payments to trustee and being on time for 12

months is needed is needed if the Veteran has a Ch 13 Bankruptcy.

32.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will require a minimum of 2 years after being

discharged with reestablished credit for qualification.

33.  A Veteran can get a VA loan even if he or she doesn¹t have credit in

some cases.

34.  No appraisal are typically required for a VA IRRL (Interest Rate

Reduction Loan)

35.  VA IRRL may be done with no money out of pocket

36.  VA rules limit the amount you can be charged by a lender for closing


37. Lenders can NOT charge a pre-payment penalty on VA Loans

38.  A spouse may satisfy the occupancy requirement for a VA Loan if the

Veteran is unable to occupy the property due to distant employment

39.  For active duty service members living overseas a dependent such as

a child may satisfy the occupancy requirement for the Veteran

40.  Your VA Home Loan Benefit can be used more than once!  Ask us how

41.  Veterans can get a VA Home loan of up to $1,000,000

42.  Reservist and National Guard Members who have been activated on

Title X orders are eligible for full VA Home Loan Benefits provided they

were honorably discharged from the Title X orders and completed the full

length of those orders.

43.  VA loans are assumable.

44.  VA loans do not allow for a co-signer who is NOT the Veterans spouse

45.  Veterans who purchase a home with a Conventional or FHA loan can

refinance into a VA Loan and typically lower their interest rate

46.  It is possible for a Veteran to have two VA loans at the same time

47.   Did you know that only 13% of eligible veterans have used their VA

Home Loan Benefit.

48.  Did you know that the number one reason why only 13% of eligible

veterans have used their VA Home Loan Benefit was because their Real

Estate Agent or Mortgage Loan Officer didn¹t know the benefits or

mechanics of a VA Loan

 49.  The VA Escape Clause required to be signed at the time of contract

allows the Veteran protection of their Earnest Money if the home does not

appraise for the value on the contract

 50.  We can help you obtain your COE at no cost and many times it¹s