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Many veterans have already taken advantage of the VA loan. With relaxed qualification standards and more flexibility, it is proven to be the right choice for many to purchase and Refinance their homes through this program. However, in most counties, the conforming loan limit with no money down is $417,000. When your home costs more than this, the solution is the VA Jumbo Loan.

A Jumbo VA loan is any VA loan greater than $417,000. Qualifying veterans can apply to purchase or refinance their home for up to a value of $1,000,000 through this type of loan. The VA Jumbo mortgage requires the veteran to make a down payment of 25% on any amount over the limit of $417,000 unless the property they are financing is in a High County Loan Limit area as approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Plus you get all the benefits of a VA loan! VA Jumbo Loans are a great benefit for veterans and military personnel because it offers more flexible requirements and higher loan amounts than conventional loans. Contrary to popular belief, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) does not write the mortgages. Instead, the VA insures the loans that are written by banks and mortgage companies.

Financing (or refinancing) options with VA loans are only available for veterans and active members of the U.S. Military (and spouses – even widows, as long as they don’t remarry).

100% financing is available on Jumbo VA Loans when the property is located in a High Cost County. In areas where the property is not located in a High Cost County, qualified veterans can still secure financing with smaller down payments and more flexible lending guidelines without having to carry mortgage insurance. VA Jumbo loans are only available to those that qualify for VA loans and their eligibility requirements. It will allow you to choose a home that suits you and your family the best.

Jumbo VA loans have all of the benefits of a VA loan, plus it allows you to obtain a larger loan amount if that is what you need. Definitely make sure you take advantage of this earned benefit of military service to your country!

Borrowers must take into account the va county loan limits, this are different for every county, based on the average price of homes. You can find your county va limit in the list of states below. Click on the state of the home you will purchase, and find the county on the list. Most borrowers will only need to know the one-unit limit, but if there is more than one unit in the property, the limit increases, as shown in the chart available below.

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