Did basic Allowance for Housing Rates increase in 2023?

Yes, the Department of Defense has released the 2023 Basic Allowance for Housing rates. Basic Allowance for Housing rates were increased an average of 12.1 percent when the new rates took effect on January 1, 2023. An estimated $26.8 billion will be paid to approximately one million Service members. The significant increase in average BAH rates is reflective of the unique market conditions experienced across many locations nationwide over the past year. While average BAH rates increased substantially, different rental markets experience different market trends, and the 2023 BAH rates reflect those geographic market condition differences. https://securityamericamortgage-my.sharepoint.com/:x:/p/garrett/EWgp0TDrYEtNtsy6aPqsedUBsuTTAoh2LLxFJSx6X4femw?e=HAwS9F

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