Buy it or build it in 2023 - Security America Mortgage

Buy it or build it in 2023, Which option is most attractive for you?

One of the most significant and influential possessions you will ever have is your home. You’ll be residing there for many years, which can be …

VA Rehab Loan - Security America Mortgage
VA Loan

Six Reasons Why You Should Consider a VA Rehab Loan

A VA rehab loan can also help veterans update or renovate their homes to meet new needs or to accommodate a disability. If you’ve been …

USDA Loans

Understanding USDA Construction Loan in 2023

If you’re looking to build your dream home from scratch, you can consider getting USDA construction loan. The USDA one-time close construction loan allows you …

VA Loan Spouse Requirements Q&A
VA Loan

You should know: VA Loan Spouse Requirements Q&A in 2023

VA loans are an effective way for military families to buy a house. This powerful home loan option is offered by private lenders like Security …

VA Builder ID - Security America Mortgage
VA Construction Loan

VA Builder ID Near Me

Veterans interested in the VA construction loan and all its benefits will have to obtain a VA builder with a VA builder ID number before …

VA one-time close construction loan
VA One Time Close Construction Loan

Get VA One-Time Construction Loans

Veterans or active duty service members looking to build a home with a single loan program can apply for the VA one-time close construction loan. …

Can i use my va loan twice
VA Loan

Can i use my va loan twice

Can I use my VA loan twice: Yes, you can use your VA loan twice, and potentially even more times, as long as you meet …

Jumbo Loan mortgage inscription and stacks of coins.
Mortgage Finance

VA Jumbo Loan Rates in 2022

Living in an expensive area or environment can come with its own difficulty, especially when it comes to purchasing a home. The cost of a …

National Guard Members
Mortgage Finance

VA Loans For Reservists and National Guard Members

Many veterans, active duty service members, and their families have benefited from the helpful home ownership guarantee offered by the VA loan program. However, many …


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