Builders Map

Below is a map of 219 VA approved builders that are approved by the VA and Security America Mortgage and ready to start building your new home. After you’ve applied for a VA construction loan, you can start your search for a builder!

VA Approved Builders Map

va approved builders
  • Builders not on the map will need to be approved by VA and Security America Mortgage, ask us how!
  • Using one of our approved builders ensures quicker loan processing and reduces documentation requests.
  • Service locations of builders may vary, some builders serve the entire country or a whole state, while others only serve a small area.
  • Finding the nearest builder to your property is the first step to finding the right builder for you!

As you can see, the majority of our country’s VA Approved builders are in Texas. If you live in Texas and want to finance your home through a VA construction loan lender, you should be able to easily find a builder for your project!

How can I tell if a builder is registered or not?

The most common type of home loan we offer is Conventional Loan. This type of loan does not have a government guarantee like other types of loans and also requires a down payment. Mortgage Insurance is required if the down payment made for the home loan is less than 20% of the total amount.  The advantage of a conventional loan is that people can use it to buy investment property and second home, unlike government backed loans. For borrowers that have good credit score and will pay 20% down payment, conventional loans are the right choice.

How do I get a VA registered builder?

How do I get a VA registered builder

In order to secure a VA Approved Builder for your home construction project, simply reach out to a builder from our selection and explain your home project to them, including when this project will take place. If the builder is available and has the capacity to work on your project, then you have yourself a registered builder and you’re one step closer to securing your VA construction loan.

If you want to work with a VA Approved builder that isn’t on our list, don’t worry. It’s very easy to become a registered builder, as there is no VA-mandated application process. The VA just issues an identification number after the builder submits the following paperwork:

Because there isn’t a formal application, there is no lengthy processing time. In most cases, an ID number can be issued within a day or two. 

FAQ of VA Approved Builders

We have a list of approved builders that you can look at here: Builders Map. Also, there is a list of VA approved builders here . However, just because they are approved there, it doesn’t mean they are approved with us so let us help you get them approved with us. Contact us!
Builders do not need to be approved by VA. They only need to register with VA to obtain a VA Builder ID number (In most cases, an ID number can be issued within a day or two).
12 months is the max unless there is a special circumstance. In California builders will ask for 18months which AFR will approve after review. but standard is 12 months.
Builder must provide a one-year VA Builder’s warranty. General Contractors and builders must be registered with the VA and carry necessary insurance through a current general insurance liability policy.
Draw options is usually determined by the build type. For example a builder constructing a manufactured home will often have a much shorter build time so many builders can opt to have the no draw process. Builders building a stick built home will typically have a much longer build time, 6-12 months. These builds typically come with draw requests.

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