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VA Home Loans have the same cost associated with closing as all other home loan products. There are two key differences in terms of closing costs with a VA home loan.

  • First, if negotiated into the purchase contract, all closing costs and prepaid items can be paid by the seller, totaling up to four percent of the purchase price.
  • Second, the Department of Veterans Affairs charges a VA Funding Fee on every loan it guarantees. The VA Funding Fee is paid directly to the VA and helps to pay for the VA Home Loan Program for all current and future homebuyers. The VA Funding Fee ranges from 1.25 percent to 3.3 percent but is waived for veterans with service-connected disabilities. The VA Funding Fee can be paid in full at closing or rolled into the loan at closing.

Typically, VA loan interest rates are lower when compared to Conventional and FHA loans.

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