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VA Construction Loan

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Whether you’re a veteran or active military member looking to build a custom home, a VA construction loan could be the perfect solution for you! Custom homes can come with a slew of complicated loan procedures, only prolonging your tailor-made house dream. But because of your military background, you have extra options that others don’t. You have access to VA home construction loans that offer nothing down and additional perks and benefits.

Get Your VA Construction Loan With $0 Down!

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Down payments can often disappoint the home loan process. However, the VA home construction loan grants extremely low to zero upfront payment and reduced interest rates compared to traditional loans. As an added bonus, the VA provides coaching and resources should your finances change during the course of the loan. This way you can come out on the other side with both your finances and security intact.

There is one upfront cost you may encounter, unless you’re exempt from the fee, which is The VA Funding Fee. This is an upfront fee equivalent to a percentage of the price of the home.

How the VA Construction Loan Works

The VA construction loan is a start-to-finish loan with three basic stages:

  1. Purchasing the land you want to build on.
  2. Covering the construction of your house.
  3. Serving as your mortgage once your house is finished.

Similar to the VA loan for an existing home, a construction loan can come from a traditional lender, but you have VA support backing up finances in case a rainy day threatens to default your loan. Once eligible, (register for a certificate of eligibility or COE) you can apply for and close on one loan which covers every stage of home-building.

The Security America Difference

New home under construction

Expert VA construction loan lenders can help the process be exponentially less complicated. Commonly, it’s more difficult to get a construction loan than an existing home loan, as lenders are more cautious funding a home that doesn’t exist yet. Sometimes construction stretches out longer and plans fall through, making it a higher risk investment. Because of these factors, you usually end up applying for two separate loans: one short-term construction loan and one home loan upon completion. Then, you’ll search for a lender who can craft a loan plan starting as a non-VA construction and ending as a typical VA home loan, merging the two, separately-applied for loans.

It sounds complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Security America does things differently. We offer a single-close VA construction loan that covers every step of the process, from land purchase to finished VA home loan without money down before, during, or after construction. In actuality, construction and home loans are two separate entities. The construction loan is usually short-term– around 12 months to get you through the building stage. The builder will draw money from the lender in increments, and you will make monthly loan payments, keeping in mind they’re only interest payments. When your house is finished, you stop paying the construction loan and roll over to monthly mortgage payments, which is whatever’s left on the construction loan balance.  

Finding a VA Registered Builder

Home under construction

To receive your VA new construction loan, you must find a VA-registered builder and have sole residence plans for the plot of land, which means living, cooking, dining, and sleeping areas, as well as water, electricity, gas, and sewer amenities. You can find information on the list of VA-registered builders on the

VA Home Loans page, but if you already have a builder in mind who doesn’t have a VA ID, Security America advisors can walk them through the easy steps. Fortunately, builders aren’t actually approved by the VA, so there’s no application process. They just need to register for an ID number.  

How to Become a VA Registered Builder

If you’re a builder and want to secure an ID number, you must submit three documents to the Construction and Valuation unit of the local

VA Regional Loan Center that will have authority over the location of your future home. These items are:

For new construction homes, the VA requires a 1-year builder’s warranty or a 10-year insured protection plan, however, other builders offer extra protections and warranties. It’s important to go through each option to make the best decision for you. Questions to consider:

  • Would you rather pay for additional warranty protection or repairs?
  • What are some of the potential costs of each?
  • Could you set aside the same amount of money and put it in an emergency fund with more flexibility?

Take note your first mortgage payments aren’t due until construction is complete, and builders have one year to finish. 

Choose a Trusted VA Construction Loan Lender

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You’ve come to the right place for a VA Construction Loan! Here at Security America Mortgage, we are proud to serve those who’ve served us, by providing former and current military personnel incredible funding options to sit back and enjoy their dream home.

Now it’s time for you to receive excellent VA construction loan rates with little to nothing down before, during, and after building your new home. If you’re interested in an easy, all-in-one construction loan, start the VA loan application process today.

Approved Builders Map

  • Below is a map indicating Security America Mortgage & VA approved home builders that are ready to start building your new home.
  • Builders not on the map will need to be approved by VA and Security America Mortgage, ask us how!
  • Using one of our approved builders ensures quicker loan processing and reduces documentation requests.
  • Service locations of builders may vary, some builders serve the entire country or a whole state, while others only serve a small area.
  • Finding the nearest builder to your property is the first step to finding the right builder for you!



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