VA Loan Refinance

Using your VA Home Loan Benefits to take cash out of your home’s equity is the preferred option for qualified Veterans who are looking to reduce their credit card debt, make home improvements, or any other reason. With a VA Cash-Out Refinance, you have the ability to turn up to 95% of their home’s equity into cash.


The VA Cash-Out refinance requires the same underwriting criteria as a VA Loan Purchase. Veterans must fully qualify for the loan based on their credit, income, and equity in the property. Any Veteran seeking a VA Cash-Out refinance must certify that the property is their primary residence and cannot have been late on their mortgage within the past twelve months.


To most Veterans seeking a VA Cash-Out refinance the benefit is obvious, cash in hand. Many Veterans see a reduction in interest rate, elimination of mortgage insurance, and lower total debt payments. All of the closing costs and the VA Funding Fee can roll into the loan, so you don’t need any money out-of-pocket to apply!


All VA Cash-Out Refinances require an appraisal ordered through the VA. The appraisal cost along with all standard loan closing costs and the VA Funding Fee can be rolled into the loan. The VA Funding Fee is waived for those Veterans who receive VA Disability Compensation.


  • With interest rates today being at an all-time low, many Veterans applying for a VA Cash-Out Refinance actually reduce their interest rate.
  • The VA Funding Fee for VA Cash-Out Refinance range from 2.15% to 3.3%
  • The VA Funding Fee is waived for Veterans receiving VA Disability Compensation
  • All closing cost and the VA Funding Fee can be rolled into your new loan.
  • The cash you receive can be used for any purpose