Through my experience originating VA loans for veterans and working with government secured loans in the secondary market, I possess a diverse set of skills that allows me to help my clients utilize the VA loan benefit that best caters to their individual needs.


I strive to offer the highest level of customer service that I can to all my clients to make the experience of working with their lender a pleasurable one with minimal stress to them, the veteran. It is an honor to be able to return the favor to veterans who have served our country and help them maximize the benefits available to them with their VA loan.


I have many family members who have served in the military – my sister, father, and grandfathers on both sides, just to name a few. I was born on an Air Force base and lived at various military bases in my early years of childhood.


The military has always held a special place in the hearts of our family, with each one of us proud of the accomplishment of our family members who served. I am so happy to be involved with veterans on a daily basis and assist them with the VA loan benefit they so fittingly deserve.





Amazing reviews from Veterans:


“I’d like to share with my fellow home-buying sufferers a breath of fresh air, a bright light in an otherwise dark and scary tunnel named ‘finding a mortgager,’ otherwise known as getting a loan to buy a house.  That relief for us was Susan Moeller.


I’m a retired US Air Force officer who needed to use my VA home buying loan benefit to move back home to Colorado and buy a house. We encountered a myriad of unusual problems with our VA loan, complicated and difficult to resolve, which Susan expertly and expeditiously handled.  If she didn’t know a solution (rare), she’d find one more quickly than we were able to discover where to even look.  If it had not been for her diligence and competence, I’m certain we would not be in our new home today.


This is the sixth home I’ve purchased in 34 years, so I’ve worked with many mortgagees, lenders, underwriters, sellers and buyers, and builders, you name it.  Some experiences have been ok, most of them rotten, but only this one has been pleasant.  Susan knew when issues were coming before they came, and headed them off at the pass, so to speak.  I didn’t have to worry and fret and find old documents and historical accounts and etc. – Susan did that for me.  She carefully watched encroaching time limits on rate locks and closing contracts, etc.  You’re not going to find a better individual in this business than Susan – she not only knows what she’s doing, she often seems to be the only individual in the entire process who honestly has your best interest at heart.


If you want a mortgagee who can make the process a lot less painful, without telling you early on that there will be no problems when, in fact, there are going to be, but who can and will confront and solve them for you, insist on using Susan Moeller.  She’s honest, she’s extremely knowledgeable, she’s thorough, she’s detail-oriented – and you get all of that plus a personable mortgage officer who you can trust and with whom it is extremely pleasant to work.”

We’re lucky we found Susan.

Margie Walling, PhD, MS, MA

LCol, USAF (ret)



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