Annette Capetillo

“I worked with Jeff Register on refinancing my house. I think my first statement to him was, “Can you do magic?” Now, I think I’d tell people he can! I was stuck in an interest-only loan that was about to mature into an adjustable-rate mortgage that was turning into PITI. I’m a single mom on disability and wanted to keep my kids in their home. With a less than cooperative ex-husband, it took a while to get everything done since his name was also on the existing loan and I was trying to refinance him off the new loan paperwork. Jeff was the nicest, most professional, and patient person I think I’ve ever worked with. I had talked to a mortgage person before going to him and they had told me I was going to need almost $4,000 more to close than what Jeff got for me. He was wonderful. I wish I could have him handle all my financial dealings in life! I do know this for sure, when I have any business to do with mortgages again, his number will be the first one I call! I can’t thank him enough! Jeff Register, you are a lifesaver! You are truly appreciated more than you can imagine!”