We Fight Hard for Veterans See how Security America Mortgage VA Loan Specialist, Dave Mitchell (NMLS 352672), helped a Veteran named James purchase the home of his family’s’ dreams with his VA Loan Benefit! Dave Mitchell, a licensed VA Loan Specialist (NMLS 352672), recently helped James with his VA Loan. James wanted to purchase a home using his VA Loan benefits and chose Security America Mortgage to help him through the challenge. In the end, James was able to purchase the home of his dreams using his VA Loan benefit, and provided us with the testimonial below.
Hey Dave, Just wanted to take some time real quick to tell you thank you for everything you’re doing to help us. This is something me and my family have wanted for a long time, but really didn’t think it was possible yet. Never have I spent so much time working with someone I have never met, but get the feeling of how hard you are really working to help us out. Yes I realize it is your job, but you go above and beyond what anyone has ever done to help us out. I’m positive you have put way more hours into this than anyone else would have. We are glad we have someone like you taking care of us and fighting for us and I wanted to enclose a picture of my family because sometimes it is always nice to see the end product of what you’re doing. You’re helping to make my family complete with what every American wants. Sincerely, James
If you are a Veteran, with the desire to utilize your VA Loan benefit, we would love to work with you! We are an experienced, VA Home Loan mortgage company with military veterans on staff, focused solely on helping Veterans any way we can. Security American Mortgage is very active in the Veteran community and we partner with some of the top Veteran organizations in the USA. So if you’re looking to purchase a new home and interested in obtaining a mortgage using your VA Loan benefit, you won’t find a better Veteran lender in America. Starting the process is simple. Just complete the contact form above and a VA Loan Specialist will be in contact with you shortly. You can also call 1-855-468-2669 and speak with a VA Loan Specialist immediately. We look forward to working with you!