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Security America Mortgage is more than just a mortgage company. We’re proud to support veterans in purchasing their dream homes by providing service members and their families with affordable home loans. We believe in giving back to those who have given so much for our country by helping them to achieve their dreams of homeownership.

Choose Security America Mortgage as your VA home loan specialists, and you’ll be supported by a team of professional, knowledgeable, and caring home loan experts with years of experience. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of customers in Oregon and other states to access VA home loans, construction loans, and jumbo loans alongside a wide range of other services. 

We pride ourselves on quality, trust, and transparency, delivering the service you deserve to secure the home of your dreams.

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Incredible Competitive VA Loan Rates: Make Your Dream Home A Reality!

VA home loans are often among the best loans available to those who have earned them, with exceptionally competitive interest rates. VA home loans are available to a variety of service personnel and in some instances even extend to their families. As well as competitive interest rates, VA home loans feature 0% down payments and no monthly mortgage payments, making them extremely affordable compared to conventional loans. If you’re a veteran looking to purchase your dream home or refinance an existing property, Security America Mortgage is here to help with affordable VA home loans enabling you to secure the home of your dreams.

What Is a VA Home Loan?

VA home loans are a special type of loan available to veterans. While they’re issued by private lenders, they’re backed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, which guarantees up to 25% of the loan. This makes VA loans a lower-risk investment for lenders, allowing them to offer more competitive interest rates and other favorable terms. VA loans are available to veterans, active service members, and certain military spouses. For the majority of those who are eligible, VA loans offer some of the most generous terms on the market, with extremely competitive interest rates, no down payments, and no private mortgage insurance payments. VA home loans can be used to buy a property or to refinance. What’s more, the credit score requirements for VA loans are usually more relaxed than for other conventional loans, and there’s no maximum loan limit. This makes them an accessible, affordable loan solution that Oregon veterans should absolutely take advantage of.

VA Loans Requirements

The main requirement to be eligible for a VA home loan is a Certificate of Eligibility from the DVA showing that the applicant has completed the necessary length of service to be eligible for the loan. VA home loans are issued by private lenders, which means there are no mandated income or credit requirements – each lender decides their own terms. Since the DVA’s guarantee makes VA loans a lower-risk investment for lenders, they’re usually more flexible in terms of credit requirements, which can make them a more accessible loan option for eligible veterans. Because there are no legal mandates on VA home loans, Security America Mortgage is able to offer VA home loans that are easy to qualify for, with relaxed credit requirements and a simple application process. We pride ourselves on serving those who have served by helping them quickly and easily get the finance they need for their dream home.

VA Home Loan Limits

As of 2020, the limit on VA home loans for veterans with full entitlement was removed. This means that if you’ve never used your home loan Oregon benefit, paid a previous VA home loan in full and sold the property, or repaid the loan in full after a short sale, the DVA will guarantee up to 25% of the loan amount, and you won’t have to pay a down payment. However, if you take out a VA home loan with remaining entitlement – such as when you already have a VA home loan you’re still paying back – then your VA home loan limit is based on your county’s loan limit. In this case, if you default on a VA home loan, the DVA will only pay the lender up to 25% of the county limit minus any entitlement you’ve already used.

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Our team at Security America Mortgage makes every effort to ensure the home buying process as transparent and stress free as possible.

Our team at Security America Mortgage makes every effort to ensure the home buying process as transparent and stress free as possible.

Are you ready to take advantage of your VA loan benefits? If so, it’s simple to start the process and takes only a few minutes. No social security number needed to start!

Active service members with at least 90 continuous days of service and Veterans who’ve been honorably discharged from the armed forces can apply for a VA loan. Get started today!

Oregon VA Home Loan Benefits

VA home loans offer a variety of benefits to Oregon veterans, allowing you to more easily purchase the home of your dreams.

0% Down Payment

One of the biggest obstacles to homeownership is being able to save up money for a down payment. Since a VA loan doesn’t require a down payment, this obstacle is removed, allowing qualified veterans to buy the home they deserve more easily.

Extremely Competitive VA Loan Rates

VA home loans offer highly competitive interest rates. In fact, VA home loan interest rates can typically range anywhere between 0.25 and 1% lower than comparable standard loans.

No Funding Fee

The VA funding fee is a payment made to the VA to lower the cost of a federal VA loan to taxpayers. However, veterans don’t have to worry about this, as the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs.

No mortgage insurance

Normally, home loans require that borrowers who can’t pay a 20% down payment on a home must pay private mortgage insurance to protect the VA approved lender. However, being that the DVA guarantees 25% of the VA loan, this requirement is negated allowing veterans to avoid costly monthly mortgage insurance payments.

Low Closing Costs

A VA loan allows you to negotiate with the seller to pay up to 4% of the purchase price towards your closing costs. Allow Security America Mortgage to help you obtain a Florida VA loan and you could close with very little to no out of pocket costs.

Variety Of Refinancing Options

Since there are no prepayment penalties on a VA loan, you’re free to refinance to take advantage of lower interest rates. Security America Mortgage can even help you refinance to quickly and easily turn up to 90% of your property’s value into cash in Florida.

No Oregon Residency Requirement

You don’t have to live in Oregon already to apply for the ODVA home loan program – as long as you occupy the home within 60 days of closing, Security America Mortgage can help you use an ODVA loan to buy a home in Oregon no matter where you currently live.

Non Conforming Loan

Oregon VA Home Eligibility

The basic requirement for Oregon VA home loans is that you’ve served on active duty in the United States Armed Forces. However, your service needs to meet one of these specific service criteria to qualify for a VA home loan:

  • You’ve served at least 90 consecutive days before January 31, 1955, or 178 consecutive days after January 31, 1955, with an honorable discharge or release.
  • You’ve served less than 178 days and been discharged under honorable conditions due to a service-connected disability.
  • You’ve served less than 178 days, been discharged under honorable conditions, and have a disability rating from the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • You’ve served at least one day in a combat zone and been discharged from active duty under honorable conditions.
  • Under federal law, National Guard or reserve members who have served honorably for at least six years, or who have undergone 90 days of active duty service, are also eligible for VA home loans. 

VA home loans also extend to the spouses of veterans under certain circumstances. Un-remarried spouses of veterans who died while on active duty or as a result of a service-connected disability can apply for VA home loans as long as they can show that they receive Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, or if they can provide a Report of Casualty and their marriage certificate.


VA home loan rates may differ based on your credit score, loan type, loan duration, and the current state of the market.

Loan credit requirements for VA home loans are set by the lender, meaning they can differ from mortgage company to mortgage company. Most lenders require a minimum credit score of 620. Some lenders may also accept lower credit scores; however, in these instances, they are likely to offer higher rates than they would for applicants with higher credit scores.

In Oregon, you can apply for up to 4 ODVA loans in your lifetime. However, you may only have one active ODVA home loan at a time.

Not necessarily – VA loans are a specific niche in the market, and not every mortgage company provides them. Even if a general mortgage company does provide VA loans, you’re better off choosing a VA loans specialist like Security America Mortgage – we have the specific expertise and experience to guide you through the process and make the most of your loan entitlement.

Generally, the law states that a VA home loan must be used for a home you intend to occupy within 60 days of closing. However, in some cases, this occupation requirement may be fulfilled by your spouse or dependant alone (as long as it is intended to be your own primary residence eventually as well). You cannot use a VA home loan to buy a property that is solely intended as an investment. However, they can be used to purchase properties with up to four units, meaning that as long as one of these units is your primary residence the other three may be used as income properties.


Our team here at Security America Mortgage are experts when it comes to helping veterans obtain VA Home Loans. If you’re ready to get started complete the simple form above and one of our mortgage specialists will contact you shortly. We look forward to working with you!

Thousands of Happy Home-Owners!

Oregon VA Jumbo Loan Limits

FIPS State Code FIPS County Code County Name State CBSA Number One-Unit Limit Two-Unit Limit Three-Unit Limit Four-Unit Limit
41 1 BAKER OR $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 3 BENTON OR 18700 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 5 CLACKAMAS OR 38900 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 7 CLATSOP OR 11820 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 9 COLUMBIA OR 38900 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 11 COOS OR 18300 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 13 CROOK OR 39260 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 15 CURRY OR 15060 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 17 DESCHUTES OR 13460 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 19 DOUGLAS OR 40700 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 21 GILLIAM OR $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 23 GRANT OR $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 25 HARNEY OR $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 27 HOOD RIVER OR 26220 $454,250 $581,500 $702,900 $873,550
41 29 JACKSON OR 32780 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 31 JEFFERSON OR $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 33 JOSEPHINE OR 24420 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 35 KLAMATH OR 28900 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 37 LAKE OR $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 39 LANE OR 21660 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 41 LINCOLN OR 35440 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 43 LINN OR 10540 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 45 MALHEUR OR 36620 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 47 MARION OR 41420 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 49 MORROW OR 25840 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 51 MULTNOMAH OR 38900 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 53 POLK OR 41420 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 55 SHERMAN OR $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 57 TILLAMOOK OR $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 59 UMATILLA OR 25840 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 61 UNION OR 29260 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 63 WALLOWA OR $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 65 WASCO OR 45520 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 67 WASHINGTON OR 38900 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 69 WHEELER OR $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
41 71 YAMHILL OR 38900 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450

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