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Veterans interested in the VA construction loan and all its benefits will have to obtain a VA builder with a VA builder ID number before beginning the process.

What Does A Builder Need Besides a VA Builder ID Number?

The VA does not approve builders. Instead, the lender will determine whether or not the construction company you have chosen is approved. In most cases, a builder will need to register with the VA to obtain a VA builder ID. The wait for the VA builder ID is not a lengthy processing time. Builders will need to submit the following forms:

  • Builder name, builder information, and builder certification
  • VA Form 26-421: Equal Employment Opportunity Certification
  • VA Form 8791: VA Affirmative Marketing Certification
  • A copy of the builder’s license

Where Can I Find Builders with a VA Builder ID Number?

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To build a home on your property, you will need to find a builder who can help you with new construction on your property and either has a VA builder ID number or is willing to get one.

Look Up Your VA Builder


The majority of builders approved by Security America Mortgage are in Texas. The state has many throughout the area, near large cities.


Check this map to find your nearest VA builder in the state of California.


The loan process will go faster if your builder has already been approved. Find one in the state of Colorado here.


Make sure to have a list of customer preference items before evaluating a builder in Washington state for your home.


Security America Mortgage has worked with many builders in Lousiana.


Find an already-approved builder in Alabama here.


Ann Arbor has a builder already cleared by Security America Mortgage.


Check out builders in Maryland before thinking about the process to obtain a VA loan.


Some places in Virginia offer many resources for retiring service members who wish to build a home.


Dreaming of the perfect retirement spot? Check out sunny Florida here.


Build a sturdy home with a partner who already has a builder ID number in Oklahoma.


Avoid a down payment with a VA home loan in Arkansas.


Consult our builder information here.


Make sure builders have an estimate before beginning construction.

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Security America Mortgage can help you so that any new construction is done in the right way, with all the right forms filled out, so you can get the best loan for you.

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