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Why should I get a VA Loan?

The VA Home loan is the very best mortgage available today to those who have earned the benefit. When comparing the pros and cons of the VA loan to both a conventional loan and an FHA loan you will quickly find out that the VA loan cannot be beaten.

VA loans require 0% down payment in most cases whereas conventional loans generally require at least a 5% down payment and sometimes up to 20% required. FHA loans require a minimum of 3.5% down. And with a VA loan, Veterans also do not have to pay any monthly mortgage insurance which cannot be said about conventional or FHA mortgages.

What is VA Refinance?

The VA refinancing program allows qualified borrowers to lock in a lower monthly rate for the remainder of their VA loan and/or take out cash from their home’s equity. But you must act quickly as interest rates are at historical lows!

There are a few different ways to lower your interest rate with a VA loan refinance, including a VA Streamline Refinance and a Cash-Out Refinance. A VA Streamline Refinance, sometimes referred to as an IRRL, allows you to lower your current loan interest rate. A Cash-Out Refinance allows someone who currently has a VA loan, and has built up equity to cash out part of the loan to pay off bills such as credit cards and/or auto loans.

Should I choose a VA Jumbo Loan?

Many veterans have already taken advantage of their VA loan benefits. With relaxed qualification standards and more flexibility, it is proven to be the right choice for many to purchase and refinance their homes through this program. However, in most counties, the conforming loan limit with no money down is $417,000.

When your home costs more than this, the solution is the VA Jumbo Loan. A VA jumbo loan is any VA loan greater than $417,000. Qualifying veterans can apply to purchase or refinance their home for up to a value of $1,000,000 through this type of loan plus receive all the benefits of the general VA loan.

These are the key benefits that Security America can offer for a VA Home loan in Maryland

  • We Offer VA, FHA, and All Home Loan Types.
  • $0 Down Payment for VA Loans.
  • No Need for Private Mortgage Insurance.
  • Very Low-Interest Rate.
  • Lower Payments.
  • Easier to Qualify.
  • Relaxed Credit Standards.

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VA Loan Process

va loan processOur team at Security America Mortgage makes every effort to ensure the home buying process as transparent and stress free as possible.

The benefits of a VA Loan

image 1 No down payment requirements, no monthly mortgage insurance AND usually lower interest rates are just a few of the benefits Veterans receive when selecting a VA loan.

Apply for a VA Loan

va loan Are you ready to take advantage of your VA loan benefits? If so, it’s simple to start the process and takes only a few minutes. No social security number needed to start!

Who’s eligible for a VA loan?

Va loans Active service members with at least 90 continuous days of service and Veterans who’ve been honorably discharged from the armed forces can apply for a VA loan. Get started today!

Veterans can achieve their dream of owning a home with the VA home loan benefit. If you are interested in buying the house of your dreams, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below. Our Loan Officers are highly trained and experts in this field. We will help you through the entire process hassle-free. We have been helping veterans get the home of their dreams for many years, you can read our testimonials here, hundreds of Veterans now are homeowners, join them today.

Non Conforming Loan

Thousands of Happy Home-Owners!

Our team here at Security America Mortgage are experts when it comes to helping veterans obtain VA Home Loans. If you’re ready to get started complete the simple form above and one of our mortgage specialists will contact you shortly. We look forward to working with you!



One Time Close Construction Loan

Maryland VA Jumbo Loan

A Maryland jumbo mortgage is a home loan of which value exceeds conventional home loan limits which are set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Typically, jumbo mortgages are used to finance the purchase of luxury, high-end properties, homes, or condos. The jumbo mortgage, conforming limit in “high-cost” areas is currently $625,500. Jumbo mortgages also subject lenders to significantly higher risk due to the fact that if a jumbo mortgage loan defaults it would be harder to sell a luxury residence quickly for full price. With this in mind, the interest rate charged on a jumbo mortgage loan is generally higher than a conforming home loan and, depending on which lending you chose, the rate can fluctuate significantly. At Security America Mortgage, our team of jumbo mortgage specialists are experts in all types of jumbo mortgages, and we offer extremely competitive market rates. If you are looking to obtain a Jumbo Loan Maryland and want to streamline the entire process then contact us today by completing the form on this page.

If you are in Maryland and need a large home loan, apply with us to find your interest rate in order to find out if you qualify. We are licensed in the State of Maryland and have specialists who are experts in the state. We offer friendly customer service and have years of experience in the field of mortgage loans. Apply for Jumbo Loan Maryland above today!

Maryland VA Jumbo Loan Limits


FIPS State Code FIPS County Code County Name State CBSA Number One-Unit Limit Two-Unit Limit Three-Unit Limit Four-Unit Limit
24 001 ALLEGANY MD 19060 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 003 ANNE ARUNDEL MD 12580 $517,500 $662,500 $800,800 $995,200
24 005 BALTIMORE MD 12580 $517,500 $662,500 $800,800 $995,200
24 009 CALVERT MD 47900 $679,650 $870,225 $1,051,875 $1,307,175
24 011 CAROLINE MD $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 013 CARROLL MD 12580 $517,500 $662,500 $800,800 $995,200
24 015 CECIL MD 37980 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 017 CHARLES MD 47900 $679,650 $870,225 $1,051,875 $1,307,175
24 019 DORCHESTER MD 15700 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 021 FREDERICK MD 47900 $679,650 $870,225 $1,051,875 $1,307,175
24 023 GARRETT MD $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 025 HARFORD MD 12580 $517,500 $662,500 $800,800 $995,200
24 027 HOWARD MD 12580 $517,500 $662,500 $800,800 $995,200
24 029 KENT MD $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 031 MONTGOMERY MD 47900 $679,650 $870,225 $1,051,875 $1,307,175
24 033 PRINCE GEORGE’S MD 47900 $679,650 $870,225 $1,051,875 $1,307,175
24 035 QUEEN ANNE’S MD 12580 $517,500 $662,500 $800,800 $995,200
24 037 ST. MARY’S MD 15680 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 039 SOMERSET MD 41540 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 041 TALBOT MD 20660 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 043 WASHINGTON MD 25180 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 045 WICOMICO MD 41540 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 047 WORCESTER MD 41540 $453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450
24 510 BALTIMORE CITY MD 12580 $517,500 $662,500 $800,800 $995,200